Victoria Beckham
A New Fragrance Collection

Victoria Beckham A New Fragrance Collection

Through the perfume of memory, Victoria Beckham distills the notes of eras and atmospheres
into fragrances founded in personal yet universal associations. Drawing on stages of her life and its parallels to a pop culture shared by all, each scent captures her own recollections of distinct time, places and experiences, and mirrors them in our collective and individual reminiscence.

Fragrance bottles of Portofino 97, Suite 302, and San Ysidro Drive.
Portofino 97

A new infatuation. A secret escape. The seductive scent of desire. Victoria Beckham evokes the enrapturing fragrance of burgeoning romance through the memory of Portofino ‘97: A euphoric hit of calabrian bergamot and black pepper; crisp white sheets suffused with incense and amber; patchouli and vetiver lingering on the skin of a significant other.

Suite 302

An alluring rendezvous. An entrancing escapade. The intoxicating parfum of glamour. Victoria Beckham conjures the sumptuous spirit of whirlwind weekends in Paris in the memory of Suite 302: An erotic mélange of black cherry and red peppercorn; dimmed hotel rooms clouded in rose centifolia, midnight violet and narcotic musk; plush velvets saturated with papyrus, black leather and masculine tobacco leaf.

San Ysidro Drive

A burst of energy. A new beginning. The healing power of perfume. Victoria Beckham captures the mending and motivating spirit of mindfulness in the memory of San Ysidro Drive: An intense rush of passion fruit and pink peony; vitalising ocean air infused with rich rose absolute, saffron flower and agarwood; black amber and vanilla incensing the atmosphere of a personal sanctuary.

Victoria Beckham Fragrance

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