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Introducing The FWRD Buyback offering you an opportunity to shop responsibly. Purchase with a purpose by cycling the life of your designer bag with our program & earn credit towards a new purchase.

The FWRD Buyback

Want to upgrade your current bag for the latest designer styles? Here's how:

Trade in your qualifying unwanted bag for credit towards a new purchase!

Eligible bags must be in excellent or very good condition.

If accepted, we will offer you a credit of up to 50% off the original retail price for eligible bags purchased from FWRD.

Start the Buyback Process

Only select, qualifying new handbags purchased on the FWRD website on or after January 1, 2022 at full original retail price are eligible for this program. If you are interested in participating, please click Start The Buyback Process above to see if your handbag is eligible. Eligibility is subject to The FWRD Buyback terms and conditions.

How does it work?

  • If you bought your bag from, you may be eligible to receive up to 50% of the original purchase price.
  • As a Loyalty Member, you can earn 2,000 points for your first buyback transaction ($20 reward), then 1,000 points for each additional buyback transaction ($10 reward). See Loyalty Program terms linked below for more details.
  • A shipping label will be provided for FREE
  • We'll buy back qualifying bags you've purchased from
  • Stay on the pulse of the latest trends while joining a movement of circular fashion

Only select, qualifying new handbags purchased on the FWRD website on or after January 1, 2022 at full original retail price are eligible for this program. See Terms and Conditions and Loyalty Program Terms for more details.

Why sell your bag with us?


Quick & Easy Process

Our team of specialists is available to chat with you to see if your bag qualifies.


Earn Credit

Use credit from your buyback to shop on FWRD & REVOLVE


Refresh Your Closet

Clear out unwanted designer bags in your closet


Circular Style Is In

Update your wardrobe while contributing to a renewable movement.

Extra Perk for Loyalty Members

Loyalty members get 2,000 points for selling their qualifying bag back to us. Learn more + sign up to join the Loyalty Program.

Submission Guidelines


Minimal to no wear on or around corners
Visible or significant wear, including scuffing, tearing and discoloration


Minimal to no wear or darkening on handles and straps
Visible or significant discoloration or wear on handles or straps


Minimal to no scratching or very faint marks on exterior
Significant scratches, scuffs and marks on exterior


Minimal to no discoloration or fading of leather or fabrication
Visible or significant fading or discoloration of leather or fabrication


Minimal to no water staining on leather or fabrication
Visible or significant water stains on leather or fabrication


Minimal to no scratches, faint hairline scratches on interior of bag
Visible or significant scratches throughout interior

Interior Stains, Pen Marks or Makeup

Minimal to no visible stains or marks throughout interior
Visible or significant stains or marks of any kind throughout interior

Missing Embellishments

No missing embellishments more than 5% of total embellishments throughout bag, including studs, sequins, stitching, or similar
Noticeably missing embellishments, clusters of 'bald spots'

Overall Structure

Minimal to no creasing or slouching in shape
Heavy creasing or loss of overall shape

Handle Shape

Slight creasing of handle shape
Heavy creasing or loss of handle shape


We strongly encourage you to keep all original packaging, including, but not limited to, dust bag, authenticity card, and original manufacturer tags.

Top Reasons for Refusal

Please note, we are unable to accept the following:

final sale bags • bags failing inspection • bags that have been modified or customized

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Q. What is The FWRD Buyback?

A. The buyback service is intended to offer our valued customers a space to sell qualifying designer bags they previously purchased from FWRD in exchange for credit that can be used for future purchases at FWRD & REVOLVE (subject to terms and conditions ).

Q. What items qualify for a buyback?

A. Any qualifying handbag purchased new from the FWRD website on or after January 1, 2022 using your Member Account, subject to our approval, will qualify for FWRD Buyback.

Q. What bags aren’t eligible?

A. Bags that do not meet our submission guidelines, bags purchased outside of the qualifying time period, or ineligible bags under our terms and conditions.

Q. How do I ship my unwanted bag to FWRD?

A. A pre-paid shipping label for qualifying bags will be provided for FREE.

Q. How much credit can I expect per bag?

A. If your eligible bag is accepted, we will offer you a store credit equal to 50% of the original purchase price of your eligible bag, for use on the FWRD and REVOLVE websites . This amount excludes applicable taxes, customs, duties, shipping costs, and any other costs paid at the time of original purchase of the eligible bag.

Q. Can I save my credit?

A. YES! Your credit will be available in your account to use towards your future purchases on FWRD & REVOLVE at any time!

Q. Does the bag I would like to send back have to have been purchased and sent to an address in the United States in order to qualify for buyback?

A. At this time, only handbags initially shipped to a US address are eligible for the FWRD Buyback program.

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